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Are you facing transmission problems with your vehicle? Don't worry. Dolphin Transmissions has affordable and simple solutions for you. With high-quality equipment and over 46 years of experience, we'll quickly pinpoint the problem. Our facility has hundreds of transmissions and components, and we have the latest computerized diagnostic equipment. We'll quickly put your mind at ease and get you back on the road!

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  • On-premise transmission rebuilds

  • Disassemble, clean, and inspect the unit

  • Replace parts with the latest components

  • Transmission reassembly and quality checks

  • Use our transmission dynamometer to test the repaired transmission

All of your replacement parts are covered by extended warranties. 

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If your vehicle breaks down and you are stranded, we offer FREE towing service. You can also use our rental or loaner car while we examine and repair your car.

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Best Transmission Shop in Brooklyn - Yelp Reviews - Dolphin Transmissions, Brooklyn, NY

I drive a 2001 BMW 740 iL I've been suggested this Transmission Shop through friend of mine. Ray met me and  spoke to me for less than 3 minutes, pin pointed possible problems and and took me for a test drive. Ray explained and resolved issues with my BMW. Ray very professional, right to the point conversation and no game of word. Rear to meet professional people like him. Excellent work, excellent attitude towards customers.

Iosif K.

Brooklyn, NY

Best Transmission Shop in Brooklyn - Google Reviews - Dolphin Transmissions, Brooklyn, NY

Finding a transmission specialist in NY is no easy task, especially one that you can trust. I looked at reviews for all the shops and decided to give Dolphin a shot. I'm really glad I did! It was a pleasure dong business with these guys. This shop is super busy but I didn't have to wait long at all. The first person I met was Ray. Ray asked me a bunch of questions about the problem I was having and about my driving habits, then we took a test drive together so he could experience the problem himself (a loud noise coming from the rear end) with an ODB (engine diagnostic) scanner connected to the truck (2010 Dodge Ram 1500). As soon as the scanner showed a code he showed it to me (total transparency). When we got back to the shop he put the truck on a lift and showed me what he thought was causing the trouble, carefully explaining everything as he went along. He then looked up the codes that my car showed and explained the possible causes and remedies (which really made me believe that these guys were not going to try and "pull a fast one" on me). Next I met Richie. Ray explained his findings to Richie and Richie quoted me a (very fair) price and gave me an estimated completion date. I felt good about the shop so I left my truck for them to work on. The next day i got a call saying that since they were going to have to rebuild the rear end anyway, they could upgrade it with a posi-traction unit, and again quoted a very fair price (less than I could have bought the part for, and their quote included installation). The truck was ready on the date Richie said it would be. I ended up paying exactly the price I was quoted (way less than my Dodge dealer quoted and somewhat less than even my trusted local mechanic). I was given an explanation of exactly what maintenance was preformed on my truck, told how to properly maintain the rear end and was given an opportunity to ask any questions I had. Overall I was very pleased with my dealings with Dolphin. It is my hope that I will not need to use their services again for awhile, but I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends, family and even my local mechanic if they were in need of Dolphin's transmission services.


Jeff Fed

Richie and his expert staff provide great customer service in a timely manner, with fair pricing. I highly recommend Dolphin for any transmission service you may need.

Michael T.

Brooklyn, NY

My 2013 BMW was over warranty when all of a sudden my transfer case and axles abruptly and fatally failed. I limped into my dealer and got sticker shock of a lifetime. I called Dolphin and they propmtly picked my car up from the dealer on a flatbed. They quickly assessed the damage and necessary repairs. Ray and his crew of top notch mechanics fixed my car like new. Within a few days they dropped the car off at my house and, I was back behind the wheel! The cars runs great and feels brand new! And it cost me a quarter of what the dealer quoted me. No joke Ray at Dolphin saved me thousands of dollars! If I ever have issues with my car again I am going back to Dolphin, and would recommend them to anyone I know who needs professional high-end mechanical work to repair their car!

Aviv F.

Manhattan, NY

Boy... let me tell you about these wonderful guys! I bought a 2007 Mazda 3 with 89K miles, usually at that mileage, there isn't much to worry about. WRONG. The very next day the check engine light came on. The car was stuck in 3rd gear, so I figured something tranny related was up. Took it to AutoZone, and I got a code for a bad shift solenoid. I called SCAMCO, formally known as AAMCO, and they told me $50 for a diagnosis. I went. I get there and they do it and say they'll need to do further diagnosing for $250, I agreed. I'm at work, and the manager calls to tell me, they'll need to take the transmission apart to find the root of the problem for $800.  That I couldn't agree to. I took the car to Mazda and they agreed it was the solenoid but they replace transmissions not parts. At that point, I , speak to Richie, and he tells me to come down, they'll look at it for FREE! They too confirmed the issue, fixed it, and the car runs like a champ. Thank you guys!!!


Joël Cadet

I really appreciate the Honesty and respect Richie Showed me when I came to his shop with my buster Ford Focus, He looked at my service contract and the the warranty that I had with this car, He suggested that I take it to Bayridge Ford for service. What I'm saying is that he could have took the car and repaired it without telling me anything else.  

Thanks again Richie.


Wayne Franklin